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We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

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We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by ~Kaichou~ on Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:32 pm

You see, our club, mainly direct towards manga, j-culture and anime, is like dying away.

What I need is everyone should at least involve in our activities. I can see Many of us are merely passive participants. So, I have some suggestions to make, I hope you all can give constructive comments. But, we seriously need something to make the club go active for next year before everyone retires. I do not wish this magnificent club die away just like that.

This is what I could come up in my mind:
- More external events/convention participation like Comic Fiesta as part of promotion. This is not lke outing but we sell stuff that can really attract people. I would suggest home made japanese food, if it is feasible..or maybe something like our club art book if we are hoping to gather all before next comic fiesta. or maybe our mascot selling...Opinions?

- Weekly activities instead of lunch gathering. I would suggest that we should revive the weekly activities, (although last time, we are at planning phase, which bored out many members) but we will put some good anime screening at the end of every session. We can like make some good not childish activities, or maybe some workshops for the weekly activities instead of separate activities. These will at least make the members keep retaining as a whole instead of individual/gang.

- Anniversary party- we should have done this last year, since it is our 1st anniversary right? Oh well...2nd anniversary then=)

- Anime discussion- this however, I think it is plausible but how and what will should discuss? Anyone have better ideas or anyone has done film reviewing subject before?

- Not kaichou do all the talk. I felt this shouldn't be me/next Kaichou doing all the talking, although I should chair/lead the crowd. The committee members should speak up once a while on stage, not just sitting there..

- Fund-raising. The club is in need of funds. We should do more fund-raising as part of promotion of our club. However, I think we should stick what we have discussed in the meeting earlier like bento, okonomomiyaki.....I think this would attract more people, as well as keep our members active too!!

- More activities please suggest!! Maybe we can slot them in the weekly activities. but we will only have 12 activities per semester....is biweekly too much? Please give your opinions too!!

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Re: We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by Aki on Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:59 pm

It'll be nice if we can sell merchandise featuring our mascot. This needs capital first, though.

anime discussion, we would need to discuss more on the technical
aspects such as theme, character development, plot, issues raised, etc.
Will this sustain member interest or just sound boring?

the club can sell pizza too XD Normally other clubs sell food that's
more towards dessert. With the dominoes card, we'll definitely profit
of one whole pizza with every 2 pizzas sold, as it's buy 1 free 1.
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Re: We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by slashfan on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:03 am

Hey there Kaichou, Aki-chan!! It's been a while, Amy here.~lol
So much have change, though i do have to congratulate you guys in the improvement that have taken place in the club!^^

Anyway, just to put in my 2 cents worth of opinion in~hehe

1) External events: Maybe try to encourage members to have a group cosplay, performing a short skit in comic fiesta or other events?

2) Weekly activities:
I was thinking along the lines of having a "some-what" dance tutorial class that maybe could teach dances like Hare hare yukai, Lucky Star, Caramelldansen, Sakura Wars: Gekitei Ondo Dance or even make up some j-pop dance~lol Then maybe club members can team up and dance to attract attention during some fund-raising or club events in Monash~hehe

Or you might want to get some of the cosplay pros in the club to give some tips and tutorial on cosplaying: make up tutorial, how to make own props, finding the right character...etc So you can have different activities every week...

Anime discussion:
A rather good idea, but might get a bit messy when everyone is discussing a different anime or are not familiar with the anime discussed. So come up with a theme for every anime discussion like maybe: Favourite character in Katekyo Hitman Reborn? Why? ...kinda lame but i'm sure you'll figure something good out.

Fund raising:
Since we're an anime club, so i think it's better to stick with japanese food. Maybe something simple and easy to take away such as onigiri or sushi. Just my opinion though.

Well...i guess that's all for now...hehe~ Hope this helps, if it doesn't then just ignore me~LOL
Will be looking forward in seeing you guys next sem...and probably this week during CF.

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Forum Moderator

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Re: We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by yan desu on Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:32 pm

Firstly, I'm sad too say that I won't be able to join any club activities next semester. =(

I've really enjoyed myself in the club. Although I am a passive member myself, whenever possible I tried to join in activities and meetings, and they are all entertaining!

I'm speaking for myself, someone who has not been on the forums in a while and hardly meet you guys for meetings. For starters, maybe you should get new members to be more involved. I have seen this sem's AGM and new members are generally quiet and disappear after that. I have this impression that if you don't seem 'em in the forums, you don't seem 'em at all. The forum is a really good way to bond. I hope it won't die out.

Once there, the above mentioned activities can be done. Else, who's gonna take care of the fundraising booth, who's gonna participate in the discussions? It will be the same ol 10 members.

However, I know it would be very hard to attract non-anime fans ito watching anime. I've tried. T.T

I would suggest more field trips! Gempak Studios, Gempak events, ACGC, CF and anything that you can fit in.

Fundraising? If you don't mind the hassle got keeping the stocks fresh (in Malaysia's wonderfully hot weather), Sushi and Onigiri might be a good idea. Easy to pack and hopefully cheap? XD
Otherwise, donuts are always selling like hotcakes. I've seen MBC done it.

That's it for now! This is my favourite club in Monash and I hope it will be around for years to come.
yan desu
Maniac Otaku
Maniac Otaku

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Re: We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:47 pm

I'm gonna be frank
I'm going to be rude now

I'm going to be the fall guy today

We've had many discussions about what to do next year.Theres a glut of ideas already

I don't see the point of this thread. more of the same bullshit.

If we have no activities,of course the club won't be 'officially' active.Unofficially ,we've had gatherings and screenings,gaming sessions,and a trip to AFA. The active group of members hang out together and do lots of things across the semester every week,every day in fact

I believe that you need to start deciding with certainty what we're gonna do and start delegating jobs,teams of people to accomplish tasks,with specific deadlines and a general timeline . Of course few can do these things over the summer,but we should move in next semester knowing exactly what we're doing,and who's doing what by when.

The earlier we can decide this,the better things will go next year.Fail to start now,and then its going to be last minute thing again,and then the people who fxxx up will start blaming other people for not helping out and all sorts of nonsense to take care of their balls,and then perhaps we might not have pissed off and lose valuable members in the first place

As long as there are concrete,official activities,people will participate

The only realistic contraint seems to be peoples free time and money.

As for free time,all we can get of course is verbal agreement or written agreement through the forum

If we know what activities will happen in roughly what days,we can actually clear our schedules to participate fully.

As for funds, we need a target. That means,how much do we need,for what purpose,and then fund raise as close to the target as possible,not just general collecting money.The music festival is coming next sem. We need to focus on how we can make that event a success for our club.Because I don't see the point in a few people torturing themselves to collect big money and then torturing themselves to do a large event that nobody gives a fxxx about in the first

You needn't do the shit work by yourself.you need to make clear plans,so that people who want to participate and are just sitting around know the vision you have and can be ordered to do the shit work


I hope we can start new threads discussing specific activities we're going to do as soon as possible and not more of this kind of nonsense thread


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Re: We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:07 pm

clearly kaichou lost the notebook in which he noted down all the points of the final meeting.


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Re: We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by ~Kaichou~ on Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:26 pm

I didnt blame, what I meant we should be more active than last time..me not saying anyone is passive. I mean PASSIVE PARTICIPANTS...not passive entirely by not joining...Please READ carefully. Passive here means shy, not motivated...I have posted a lot of activities like comic fiesta, paintball.....yet.....many are busy that period..... oh well, I guess i need a real plan instead of talking and spamming the forum without moving on. Yes, a lot are not concrete official activities.....

Okay I am going to make the plans right now....

I have printed our business cards...progressing...

Now I am recruiting Cosgami and Cosplay Toshokan as alliance to give us workshops, still yet to be confirmed.

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Re: We should be more active as ever, give your opinions!!

Post by Sponsored content

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