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Executive Committee Members 2010-2011:

President: Ng Keng Fai (~Kaichou~)
Vice President: Amy Wong Fong Ee (slashfan)

Secretary: Adelina Tan (Aki)
Vice Secretary: Yap Calyn (calyn)

Treasurer: Yee Xunli (xunli)
Vice Treasurer: Muhamed Azrul Azli (azu19)

CnS Officer: Samantha (EmikoKidd-sama)


Activities and Archives:
Head: Muhammad Lutfi Madzlan (laughhe)
Rayyan (suShirou)

Sum Nga Lai (Legna)
Nur Eli Hanisah (YaoiCrazy)

Our job list:

a)  The Committee shall consist of 10 elected members. The committee members shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, Club and Society Representative, Head of Activities and Archive Department, Head of Publicity Department, and Head of Public Relations.
b) Each department, notably Activities and Archive Department, Publicity Department and Public Relations, shall consist of a Head department and maximum of FOUR sub department members.

(i)    The duties of the President shall be:
a.    To chair Committee and Club Meetings
b.    To co-ordinate activities within the club and Committee
c.    To submit an Annual Report to the club Annual General Meeting
d.    To act as a spokesperson for the club

(ii)    The duties of the Vice President shall be:
a.    To assist the President in his or her duties
b.    To fulfill such other duties as the committee may resolve
c.    As a Financial Portfolio Vice President

(iii)     The duties of a Secretary shall be:
a.    To arrange Committee Meetings and Club Meetings and ensure that  proper notice is given
b.    To prepare agendas and minutes for Committee Meetings and General Meetings and liaise with the Clubs and Societies Division
c.    To ensure that such documents meet the Clubs and Societies Division requirements

(iv)    The duties of a Vice Secretary shall be:
a.    To assist the Secretary in his or her duties
b.    To keep record of the memberís contacts

(v)    The duties of a Club and Society Representative shall be:
a.    To attend all meetings prescribed by the Clubs and Societies Division constitution
b.    To attend the Clubs and Societies Division Annual General Meeting
c.    To report and discuss all matter pertaining to the club or society to the Clubs and Societies Division
d.    To liaise between the club or society and the Clubs and Societies Division

(vi)    The duties of a Treasurer shall be:
a.    To collect fees
b.    To construct and keep record of financial budget for every event

(vii)    The duties of a Vice Treasurer shall be:
a.    To assist the Treasurer in his or her duties

(viii)    The duties of a Head of Activities and Archive Department shall be:
a.    To regulate and co-ordinate events and activities
b.    To book event venue and equipments
c.    To archive and sort all original anime DVDs which have bought/gave/provided from the Club
d.    To rent DVDs and log all borrows and returns.

(ix)    The duties of a Head of Publicity Department shall be:
a.    To design notices, posters and events
b.    To publicise the club

(x)    The duties of a Head of Public Relations shall be:
a.    To interact and rectify the problems with members
b.    To report any suggestions and feedback from Club members
c.    To make interaction between clubs, outside and inside Monash.

c) Committee member who is absent from three times of Committee Meetings, without reasonable excuse, or who has a motion of no-confidence in him or her passed at a constitutional Club Meeting, is deemed to have resigned

d) Committee has the power to co-opt extra members and fill casual vacancies from members of the club. Where the co-option is to fill casual vacancy the member co-opted shall hold office until Club Meeting.